Replacement Rivets

Replacement M20 Kore Rivets

We know you like to get out there and have fun on your ATV or UTV and we know sometimes you like to push it a little to test the limits of your machine and your own stamina. With anything that is offroad oriented, there will be normal wear and tear and in the very unlikely event you lose a M20 Kore Rivet, we’ve got you covered. We offer single rivets for anyone who needs just a few or you can save money and buy a full kit which includes a full set of 16 rivets.

Installation Instructions:
We engineered the rivets to be easy to remove with a little extra pressure and the new rivets simply pop into place. First things first, wash your wheel(s) thoroughly. We recommend using a pair of clean needlenose pliers to remove the broken rivet. With a little force, the broken rivet will slide/pop out. Make sure the hole is clean from debri and then gently press the new rivet into place, then using a soft face object (small rubber mallet, hammer with towel wrapped around nose). Gently tap rivet into secure position.

Are we missing a color you would like to see?
Send us a message via our MSA Facebook page today or call us at (800) 734-4890 and we will do our best to add your suggestion in the next round of color options. We appreciate your loyaly to MSA Offroad Wheels for over 10 years. We couldn’t do what we love if we didn’t have each and every one of our awesome customers! THANK YOU.

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